Strawberry Shortcake-sicles 

Strawberry Shortcake-sicles 
– 1 Box Vanilla Cake Mix (with ingredients to make cake according to the directions on the box)
– 1/2 c. Vanilla Frosting (homemade or store bought)
– 1 c. Whipped Topping
– 1/2 c. Thinly Sliced Fresh Strawberries
– 6 Golden Oreos
– 3 tbsp Freeze Dried Strawberries
– 3 tbsp Strawberry Flavored Sprinkles
– White Chocolate, Melted
– Mini Cakesicle Mold
– Mini Popsicle Sticks 
– Make your batter and bake cake according to the instructions on the box. Allow cake to cool.
– Once cake is cooled, crumble into small pieces and mix in vanilla frosting. You should be able to press the mixture together with your hands and have it hold its shape.
– Press your cake mixture into the bottom and up the sides of your mini cakesicle mold.
– To make your filling, mix together whipped topping and sliced strawberries.
– Fill centers of cakesicles with whipped topping/strawberry mixture.
– Cover filling with more cake mixture and press until it’s fully covered.
– Insert miniature popsicle sticks into the bottom of cakesicle molds.
– Place cakesicles into the fridge to set up for 15-20 minutes.
– Make strawberry crumble mixture by combining golden oreos and freeze dried strawberries in a ziplock bag and crush until they are fully combined and you have very small pieces. Add strawberry flavored sprinkles. Set strawberry crumble aside.
– Remove cakesicles from molds and place in freezer for 15-20 minutes to prepare to dip in chocolate.
– While cakesicles are in the freezer, melt your white chocolate and place in a tall, narrow glass.
– One at a time, dip your cakesicles into melted chocolate and carefully remove and gently tap excess chocolate off.
– While chocolate is still wet, generously apply your strawberry crumble mixture, covering the entire cakesicle.
– Set down and allow to set.
– Enjoy!

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