Spring Waffles

I’m a breakfast person. Through and Through. No better way to start a day then with a stack of waffles and these pastel spring waffles are easily the funnest start to any morning! Color your waffle batter any shade you like and stack them high with whip cream, peanut butter and jam, or any other delicious waffle add-on you can think of. The yummiest and most certainly, funnest, way to start a spring day!

Here’s what you need:

  • Waffle press from Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Waffle/pancake batter dyed with purple, blue, and pink gel colors
  • Whipped cream or any other waffle topping
  • Sprinkle Pop “Social Butterfly” sprinkle mix
  • Pink cotton candy
  • Edible wafer paper butterfly
  • Roxy and Rich pink glitter dust

Grab a plate and get to eating!

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