Sour Collection

Brand New SOUR Collection

Much like Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour album, we, too have been anticipating the release of our brand new SOUR sprinkle collection. Inspired by the sounds, ambiance, and vibe of the hit record, the entire collection pops with bright colors, images, and party treats!

Deja Vu is the feature sprinkle mix of our SOUR collection. A total party blend that displays a base of heavy lavender and deep purple with pops of bright neon colors. It contrasts strikingly against an electric yellow or neon orange sweet treat.

No better decor piece to pair with our Deja Vu sprinkles than our SOUR edible cupcake toppers. Made of edible wafer paper, each set contains bright blingy gemstones, beautiful butterflies, and shimmery hearts. On a cupcake, a cookie, or a cake, these SOUR edible toppers are a real show-stopper.

And a SOUR-inspired collection would not be complete with some added sweet treats. We’ve teamed up Floss Cotton Candy and The Candy Stash for two totally epic and totally SOUR goodies.

First from Floss Cotton Candy is a fluffy, fun, and oh so totally fabulous sour cotton candy that will make you pucker! It’s a combination of sour strawberry, sour blue raspberry, and sour grape. A great way to dress up cupcakes, a cake, or even to simply enjoy on its own.

Next from The Candy Stash is a sour gummy candy bag. Packed full of sweet, or should we say sour, sour gummy bears and sour rainbow belts. Great for a party treat, extra table decor, or simply a delicious sour treat!

So turn on Olivia Rodrigo’s new album, crank the volume up, and start sprinkling away with our fabulously fun new SOUR collection.


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