Back To School Sprinkles

Back To School Sprinkle Collection

I can barely believe that I’m typing out the words “Back To School” as I swear it feels just like yesterday school finished. But here we are, mid-summer, and school supplies have been slowly creeping back onto store shelves.

We have a handful of incredibly cute and supremely scholastic new sprinkle mixes to celebrate the start of a fresh school year. And this year, along with sprinkle mixes, we have included cotton candy, special teacher favor sprinkle bottles with labels, and a fun cupcake decorating kit with pressed sugar pencil decor pieces. Check out what we have planned below!

  • Passing Notes
  • Lunchbox
  • Recess Confetti
  • School Days
  • Teacher Favors with Labels
  • Caramel Apple Cotton Candy
  • Pencil Cupcake Kit

My personal favorite is School Days. A fun blend of primary red, blue, and yellow sprinkles with pops of white and green. A school sprinkle mix wouldn’t be complete without alphabet-shaped confetti sprinkles too! Pencils, pens, paper, and our School Days sprinkles is the best start to every school year.

Another sure-to-be fan favorite is Passing Notes. A perfect sprinkle blend of fun pinks, bright white, and shimmering silver sprinkles. Secret special messages written on wafer paper notes complete this adorable pink pastel mix.

Swing on by and stock up before the school bell rings.


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